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QUAD Help Desk 2020
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Order QUAD Help Desk 2020

If after trying QUAD Help Desk 2020 on this site in the demo, or downloaded and installed on your own server, you decide you like it and want to keep using it, you have two choices.  1 - Order a licenced copy which you may install on your own server or 2 - Order hosting for 1 Year.  Try it for up to 30 days to see if the program will meet your needs.

1 - Order a Perpetual License - $202.00 QUAD Help Desk 2020 server for a single web server, no user or staff charges. This is introduction pricing and subject to change.  The odd price of $202.00 is to call attention to QUAD Help Desk 2020 (get it?)
2- Hosted QUAD Help Desk 1 Year - $240 (this amounts to $20 a month for 12 months.  This is for hosting of web pages and database for your company implementation of QUAD Help Desk 2020.  This is for 1 year, 12 months and is not automatically renewed.  
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QUAD Help Desk 2020
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