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September 28, 2019 - Download is now updated! - QUAD Help Desk 2020 version 1.2.  I have also added more screen shots.  I will be adding a couple more videos soon, but if you download the application and need help or have questions don't hesitate to email me.  Last minute note:  download/export options for the Membership Manager are not implemented.  If you try those options you may be prompted for username and password - don't bother.  Whatever username and password you try it will not let let you download this information - many items are encrypted anyway.

September 27, 2019 - On Site Demo updated (version 1.2) - updating download this weekend. I also added some new screen shots. Check back for the updated trial download.

September 25, 2019 - Hold off on downloads please.  I discovered a feature not working (worked on my development computer, of course). I will post again when I have corrected this issue.  Sorry for the delay.  

September 24, 2019 - QUAD Help Desk 2020 - Available for Download  Initial pricing is pretty reasonable, I think.  Unlike expensive help desk systems that make you hunt for a Price, or even worse talk to a sales person, Pricing for QUAD Help Desk 2020 version 1.1 is just $202.00 for a perpetual license.  That means you just pay once - no subscription or maintenance charges etc.  The initial price is subject to change depending on how many (or few) orders I get at that price.  It is also meant to call attention to the 2020 in QUAD Help Desk 2020. Get ready for next year.  If you prefer I host the web pages and database for you - on https://quadhelpdesk.com - that is available for $240 a year.  That is not automatically renewing, but we hope you will want to continue using QUAD Help Desk after your first year.  Visit the Order page for puchasing links.  I have used BMT Micro for order fulfillment for my program for many years.  They do a great job.

The finally completed help file (may still get more changes, but I say pretty final) and be viewed on line or downloaded as a PDF file.

QUAD Help Desk 2020  is a major upgrade from earlier versions.  The totally redesigned web interface has features never before included.  QUAD Help Desk can be used as a Customer Contact Form replacement or easy to use web interface for your customer support staff to use for quickly recording and updating calls to your help desk.  Easily change the color scheme and font size to suit your preferences.  View support requests in Calendar View.  Search and Filter Requests and view Requests in a variety of Chart formats.  Print List or Form style reports or download for use in your own spread sheet or word processing program.

The QUAD Help Desk 2020 Web pages are "responsive" - this means they will automatically adapt to the size of device being used to browse the application.  The interface is also Touch aware.  I think you will find a lot to like about the new version of QUAD Help Desk.

NOTE:  I have made some updates since I initially posted the screen shots on this page.  Same for Videos.  I will be adding updated screen shots soon.


You will be able to easily set up the program on your own web site and instantly begin using QUAD Help Desk 2020 for external customers to be able to enter support requests and add support requests and login to view progress as you or your staff provide support.  If you want a quick win for Internal Customer Support your IT Guy can quickly setup QUAD Help Desk 2020 on a server on your LAN (Local Area Network) running MIcrosoft IIS and Microsoft SQL Server.

For a total Turn Key setup you may opt for an installation setup for your company hosted at

https://quadhelpdesk.com/yourcompany or something similar.

Interested?  You can actually email the developer, me, for more information.

I like and use many Microsoft products.  However, if I mention MIcrosoft Excel, MIcrosoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Word ... there are Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.  Google Maps, Google Gmail, .. are trademarks of Google LLC

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