The web interface for this version has been changes - it was almost completely rewritten from the ground up.  As with earlier versions, QUAD Help Desk 2020 is responsive.  This just means the interface will adapt to whatever size device you are using to browse the web application.  Sorting and filtering is improved in many ways.The new Calendar view will let help desk staff see at a glance when the most (and fewest) help desk contacts have been received.   The Theme Selector allows users easily change the look and feel of the web page including font size.  This version also includes an simple dashboard - a view of automatically generated charts.

Just like all previous editions of QUAD Help Desk© - the latest version was designed to be easy to use, while still including a number of powerful features to make it easy to use by customers and help desk staff.  Unlike previous versions, however, this new version includes a Calendar view in addition to the Grid view.  The latest version of QUAD Help Desk is for users of Microsoft SQL Server only.  The database is provided in a .bak - backup file format - so setting up QUAD Help Desk 2020 requires either your own Microsoft SQL Server installed on your Local Area Network, LAN or on a hosted server.  The web pages are to be served on a Microsoft Windows 2012 or later server running Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).  The demonstration version of the program at is hosted by Winhost - both the database and web server.  The installation section of this help file shows how to set up QUAD Help Desk 2020 using a Winhost account.

For those that are in need of mapping features to see where their customers are located on a map, QUAD Help Desk 2020 includes improved Map features as well.