QUAD Help Desk (c) 2020 version 1.1

QUAD Help Desk 2020 version 1.1 was developed to provide a simple method for Customers to enter requests for support and for Staff to update those requests as they work on them.  In many cases, customer will not not login at all.  They will call the help desk or send an email and let a help desk staff person enter the request in a database - like QUAD Help Desk 2020.  If you are an organization evaluating a help desk program, or just an alternative to web based technical support "forms" then please visit the web site for more information.  Custom application development is also available for those that like QUAD Help Desk 2020 but have more specific needs.  Email the developer for more information on custom modifications or other application development.  I am considering an "Internal" version of QUAD Help Desk 2020 which will not include street address, city, state and so on.  It will also not include the map features.  Instead, the "Internal" version may include a Customer's department name, possibly also building and location.