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March 21, 2016 - Download and Order links are now active!

Download a fully functional trial version of QUAD Help Desk 2016.  The readme inside the .zip file contains links to other downloads, such as the web interface zip file(s) and desktop application users manual.  Addtional downloads may be available soon from this web site.  If you try the program and decide to buy a license to continue using the program - indefinitely - click here or visit the Order page on this site.

On line web demo now available.  You can now create your own account by clicking the Register link, then add requests, view some of the charts and update your address information to see your location on the map.  You can try the demo yourself and view the web interface from your customer's perspective.  You could also login with a sample account - Username of John and password of Doe.

QUAD Help Desk 2016 is an affordable desktop application with an optional web interface for customer support.  The web interface is responsive, meaning the web pages adapt based on the device used to access QUAD Help Desk.

You may be content to keep track of requests from your customers on yellow sticky notes, perhaps a spreadsheet or if you really have had some time you may already use a database to more efficiently keep track of customers and their support needs.  However, if you want a ready made solution that is easy to install and easy to use but with powerful reporting and charting capabilities then just maybe it is time for you to consider QUAD Help Desk 2016.

In addition to a variety of customizable reports and charts, the desktop applicaton allows you to modify or create your own reports with the included Report Builder.  A variety of Dashboards are also included which you can also customize.  

Do you support external customers in different states or countries?  If so the new mapping features in QUAD Help Desk 2016 may be of interest to you.  The web interface shows all your customer locations in a zoomable view as well as a map for each individual customer.  The desktop interface shows your customer locations as well as allows you to see the requests by your customers grouped by Request Type and Request Status.

Although designed for a single user, it is possible to set up the database on a shared folder on your company's LAN (Local Area Network), install a copy of the program for each of multiple users then edit the application configuration to point to a shared database.  It is also possible to use Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database for both the desktop and web applications.  NOTE:  You would need to import existing tables if you choose to use MSSQL or either enterprise database software for the backend.

If you prefer a total turnkey solution I can host the web pages and database for you (at an additional annual cost).  I would provide you an URL like:  http://quadhelpdesk.com/yourcompany and an Admin Account.  Easy option - just add customers.  I would also provide connection information so you could use the desktop application as well.  Just another option to consider.

Please use this site to learn more about QUAD Help Desk 2016 and what it can do for you and your company.

Download and Order links will be available on this web site soon.


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